AI consulting services

Volaers has experience at delivering web and mobile applications with implemented AI technology. Employing Keras and TensorFlow frameworks, we create a full-fledged solution and successfully present a customized, user-friendly product which will increase your customers’ loyalty rate.

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AI consulting services

AI/ ML solution

We integrate front-end development with AI technologies, delivering a sophisticated application. While Machine Learning is our core technology, Volaers engineers can offer you the following services

Recommendation system

Our developers create a custom personalized recommendation system, as we did it for our FashionTech client. It displays results based on your clients’ preferences, analyzing chosen images and grouping objects into one system.

Image recognition and analytics

Employing algorithms and specific databases, we teach a system to analyze and detect objects with high accuracy and finally identify the same patterns of objects on different images.

API and mobile SDK development

We develop and integrate custom or already existing APIs and mobile SDK, granting your app a fresh look and user-friendly interface. API and SDK development can either be a part of a new software development process or as a separate updating of a legacy system solution.

Testing and QA

After the development point overgone, we start testing and bug-fixing. Volaers specializes in functional manual and automated testing, including smoke, regression, integration QA and performance testing with such types as load, stress, and scalability testings. 

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Support and maintenance

If needed, you can order maintenance and support services. We render our works in accordance with prior agreed SLA. No matter you’ve worked with us before or a new-comer. Our teams testfix bugs and keep your product on a track and are ready to help you with the slightest problems.

Working with both startups and enterprise-level companies, we can fit your budget expectations and deadlines, based on time-and-material and dedicated team models and agile delivery.

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Machine learning for fashion tech


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