Fleet sharing systems development​

The millennial century turned new economy solutions to live. 

Nowadays, anything you can share can become a part of a new business. Turning physical world assets into IoT devices allows new P2P and M2M types of interaction. Volaers develops IoT mobile applications, web portals, and provides AWS IoT integration.

We help our customers to build sharing-economy systems from scratch or on the top of IoT and our Fleet Sharing Platform components.

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IoT product sharing platform development services

We deliver high-value and advanced products at the top of the latest technologies

Theft prevention system

GPS tracking allows for preventing theft and fraud. Depending on the settings, the system can turn a unit off or put it out of order in case of breaking the allowed location border and riding away

Smart recommender

We develop a personalized recommender. Based on user behavior and their data (frequency and time period of using products, their habits and preferences), the system will adjust up to your customers’ way of life and offer them personalized recommendations

Asset tracking system

An option to pinpoint a vehicle or any other asset (e.g. scooter, bike, etc)  location helps your customers find them on a map, choose the nearest one and book it. On the business side, tracking GPS locations allows always being aware of where a customer left the bike or where they are heading. Together, these options provide business-owners with knowledge of the most popular parts of a town, users’ routes and, consequently, the ability to adjust to customers’ needs

Data analysis

Understanding and analyzing use patterns will help you to expand your market and grow income and get powerful insights. You will find out how often and what types of customers use your product, the time of the longest and the shortest ride, famous routes and places. It will help optimize marketing campaigns, predict customers’ behavior, build mailout and launch targeted advertising

Development on top of platform components

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