QA of Pick4 Tennis game

Sports gaming

We provided a complex set of testing services for a sports gaming platform 

Our project’s highlights

  • Testing services against desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Webpage slicing, rich UI testing 
  • Functional QA against a provided set of requirements

quality assurance services

The Client

Konect Game, a startup in the field of betting on LIVE sports games, provides a technical platform for leading global Bookmakers. It approached Resliv to receive high-quality QA and testing services to make sure that their software operates as it should and cooperated with us.

The Challenge

We needed to assure that the software solution meets its intended functionality on different browsers and devices, corresponding to responsive and intuitive UI. 

It was necessary to perform UI, UX testing, cross-browser, functional, and regression tests to satisfy the client’s needs.

The Game

Pick4 Tennis is a game, where a punter makes bets based on the lottery principle on tennis. To start a game, the user chooses the match to bet on, selects the sequence of the first 4 events of the game (a first serve, a second serve, an ace or a double fault). After that, the system generates the odds, and the player places the bet. The goal is to predict 2,3 or 4 correct subsequent events.

Solution Overview

  • Resliv provided the client with a dedicated QA team that performed complex testing of the platform services in Agile manner
  • The scope of work included cross-browser testing, which we performed employing different browsers and their versions (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox). Next, we checked the performance of the software against different smartphones and tablets, operated on Android and iOS
  • Our engineers were also to run UI and UX testing to ensure smooth and seamless communication between players and the platform
  • Being responsible for functional testing, we provided services according to a set of required functions present in the solution: adequate list of matches according to time and date order, correct displaying of scores, selection, and memorization of 4 subsequent of events, acceptance of a bet, option to make several bets and the state of a player’s bet (lost or win)
  • Regression testing to verify whether the software works correctly with new functionality after each new build


During the workflow under the project, we made sure that the platform operates well and is free from bugs and improved the implementation of functionality.

Scope of Services

Testing and QA

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