Fashion tech consulting and development​

Engaged in the development of the fashion tech platform powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms, we offer our clients Machine Learning models development, training and evaluation. Plug-ins, web platforms and mobile SDK development, back-office solutions and API development and integration. 

fashion tech consulting

Fashion tech services we offer

We deliver solutions that decrease distribution costs and increase profits

Object recognition
and machine vision

Determining the parameters of objects by different features such as color, shape, length, width, type, etc., we enable smart filtering and fast search options 

Matching engine

Employing predetermined business rules, we create patterns that will determine the combination process of items based on their identical or matching features, creating perfect looks and matchings of pieces of clothes

Customer personalization

We develop smart recommendation service, it displays results based on your clients’ preferences, analyzing chosen images, and automatically updates and adjusts content up to your clients’ preferences

Mobile SDK development

Experienced at integrating of Machine Learning models into mobile applications, we also do mobile SDK development

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Fashion tech and ML​​

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Volaers experienced engineers will deliver you a sophisticated process against the deadline. Our dedicated team has vast expertise in the field of fashion tech – short onboarding process guaranteed

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machine learning for fashion tech

Machine learning for fashion tech


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Sure. We start from a free consulting session after we get and analyze all the initial customer requirements and inputs. During the consulting session, we clarify all the possible questions.