Front-end Development for S7 Airline website


Full-fledged front-end development for selling and cross-selling air and ground travelling services

Our project’s highlights

  • Integration with third-party suppliers
  • Multi-language support
  • Fully customizable and intuitive interface
  • Flexible booking flow

travel website development

The Client

The client, S7, is a leading Russian airline cooperated with Resliv. Our company delivered comprehensive web-site and full-circle services from business analysis and up to support.

The Challenge

The airline needed a customizable ticket distribution platform that would include integration with third-party suppliers for all-inclusive journey planning and booking (counting hotels, transfer booking and car rent). It also should be scalable under high load during sales-off days.

Solution Overview

Resliv engineers developed a Single Page Application with rich, user-friendly UI. The solution allows users to book their flights, hotels and rent cars – all in one place. The development included the next solutions and services:

Block Element Modifier methodology. We used BEM development technology, as this decision would provide a more structured and user-friendly UI.

Integration services. To provide the client with a scalable, dynamic website, we implemented CMS that would help manage and add up-to-date information and special offers right on the site. An integrated wide range of APIs made the website customizable and easy to use. Our front-end engineers added payment APIs (PayPal, Kiwi, GooglePay, ApplePay, banking processing systems), booking API for selling tickets and cross-selling of third-party services.  

Smart search & filtering features. The solution has booking options with manageable filters for selecting a number of passengers, their age, flight details (date, place) and the ability to choose multi-city flights with up to 9 destinations.

Website scalability. The product functions even at high load, ensuring the same page load time, error-free work and a stable connection with the server. 

Multi-lingual. The web-site supports Russian, English, Chinese, German, Spanish and Italian languages.

B2B and B2C focused. As a large airline, the company needed to deliver its services both to B2C and B2B clients. So, we produced five different website interfaces with special offers and bonuses for each group of customers: 1) B2B consumers, 2) travel agencies, 3) S7 crew and staff representatives, 4) corporate clients, 5) call-center workers.


In general, we presented a custom-made ready-made website. It has fast and simple booking and management processes for customers, as well as the ability to add and control website information, prices and special offers for S7 employees. Thus, granting a responsive and dynamic interface with multi-options of ticketing and reservation services.

Scope of Services



Testing and QA




HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript (ES6), React.js, Redux.js.

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