Custom software development - online payment solution


Integration with payment systems and preprocessing of payment cards

Our project’s highlights

  • Omnichannel payment processing services
  • Payment routing according to business rules
  • Processing of data in compliance with PCI DSS standard

custom software development - payment solutions

The Client

S7 is a major Russian privately-owned airline company.  It turned to Resliv for delivering payment processing services for their flight ticket distribution platform for buying and booking flight tickets and ancillary travel products. 

The Challenge

The client approached Resliv in need to raise the profitability of provided services by improving payment processes. Thus, the requirements we were to solve included: 

  • broadening a range of possible payment options 
  • transaction cost minimization
  • development of a hosted payment page
  • support of all major currencies and payment methods

Solution Overview

We delivered increasingly seamless customer experience while ensuring that payment never is detrimental to a consumer experience for booking. The customer can pay securely for flights and ancillaries – all in one place.

  • Integration of payment gateways into our client’s websites for on-line (Stripe, Worldpay, Paypal, ApplePay, GooglePay, RBS, OSMP, Euroset, China Union, Moneta, use of Visa and Mastercard credit cards), off-line (Qiwi, Invoicebox) and loyalty (Comarch, Amadeus) payments methods. 
  • Our team also collects, analyzes, and routes payments according to worked out business rules. As one of the examples, by detecting the type of a card and the bank that issued it, we can send the payment request to a bank with the most favorable terms. This solution minimizes the potential extra charges. Another case supports payment partly with money and partly with earned bonuses.
  • Resliv built a hosted customizable payment page with a user-friendly UI that offers quick, simple and secure transactions.
  • Integration of various international payment systems to support all major currencies, such as the dollar, euro, yuan, and Russian ruble.


We produced a payment processing solution that, through customizable business rules, allows payment routing, integration of a hosted payment page and broadening options of payment methods. The solution has simple navigation that supports selling, cancellation, ticket refund, and other types of transactions.

Now, our client’s customers can pay for the services any way they prefer – with a payment card, e-money, in cash through a terminal – on the best commercial terms.

Our cross-channel offering, combined with loyalty programs, enables a seamless online booking and payment for the S7, a company with a global reach.

Scope of Services



Testing and QA




Java, Spring framework (Boot, Security, Webflow, etc.)

Apache Camel, Rest, messaging ( Kafka, JMS), Web sockets

PostgreSQL, Mongo DB, Redis, Hazelcast.

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