Blockchain application development for Devery


Development of REST API, based on Devery.js protocol, and an administrative panel 

Our project’s highlights

  • Complete front- and back-end development 
  • UI/UX development
  • REST API development

decentralized application development

The Client

Devery is a blockchain startup that built a whole ecosystem for verifying and controlling digital and physical goods’ and services’ pathways. They approached Resliv to develop REST API and a back-office application that would run on their Devery protocol.

The Challenge

The client needed to provide easier access to the Devery technology for developers unfamiliar with a blockchain system. Thus, with the help of their solution, customers would be able to implement blockchain applications employing an already existing Devery protocol on top of REST API.

Solution Overview

Our dedicated team works in cooperation with the client’s in-house development team and provides the next scope of services:

  • Taking the challenge, Resliv started to work on the development of REST API and the back-office. 
  • Working on a decentralized application, we are engaged with the development of the server-side of the app on top of REST API, which would serve as an intermediary between, e.g., customer’s distributed application and the blockchain itself.
  • In the course of the work scope, we built an abstraction layer in the form of REST API. Once the API is integrated, the customer can connect consumers’ actions on the app with the API call.
  • To control an action performed with this or that type of a product, we developed an administrator panel with responsive and intuitive UI. 
  • Willing to create a user-friendly system, our software engineers developed the following functions: displaying a list of the customer’s existing applications, adding a new application, working inside the application, managing offered goods, verifying, and adding them to the blockchain.
  • Acknowledging that the users may not be familiar with the blockchain, we came up with the decision to offer transactions by buying them with fiat money. 
  • To get access to the API, the developer needs to sign in to the system.


Under the provided requirements, we developed and delivered a high-end user-friendly interface for managing and verifying any products online. The solution comprises developed REST API with the help of Devery.js library and Devery blockchain protocol. As the project is still in development, it waits for the deployment.

Scope of Services



PostgreSQL, Node.js, Express.js (REST API) + devery.js/ethers.js, Stripe, React.js, Shards React

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