Ancillary Product Module for S7


Enforcing dynamic packaging and revenue management with a specialised module 

Our project’s highlights

  • Transfers: GetTransfer, etc.
  • Hotels:,, etc.
  • Insurance: Tinkoff, Alfa-Insurance
  • Car rentals: Avis, Herz, etc.

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The Client

S7, the largest Russian privately-owned air carrier, engaged Reslive into delivering a full-fledged airline reservation system. 

To support a trend towards the sales of combined travel products with opaque pricing possibilities, S7 addressed our team to enhance the platform with dynamic packaging and turn the website into the one-stop-shop, where passengers, apart from buying tickets, can book accommodation, transfers, and deal with car rentals. 

The Challenge

An ancillary product module, added to the booking engine, would allow the website and mobile app users to create packages of their own, and the client – to drive sales by the unbundling of products and offering personalized services to each customer. The module would feature, among others, real-time pricing, extended inventory, flexible product sourcing, online price comparison, and targeted upsells. 

Besides driving ticket sales and upselling, the client was looking to accelerate the process of adding new suppliers in the future, allowing them to provide competitive results for passengers at an acceptable margin.

Solution Overview

Resliv’s team built from scratch a module, creating an unlimited number of extra revenue services. The client’s own services (seat allocation, baggage fees, on-board food, etc) are coupled with non-air offerings, like insurance, airport transfer and hotel booking

  • The breadth of inventory. The module connects with multiple suppliers, metasearch and OTAs from GDS and non-GDS providers
  • Applying multiple merchandising techniques. Passengers can purchase ancillaries in-path and post-booking, as well as retrieve, change and cancel the chosen ones
  • Accurate and fast data processing. The module sells ancillaries using feeds from multiple channels, manages markups and commissions, and provides advanced yield management tools, including customer segmentation and dynamic pricing

Our team has delivered the module in full compliance with the major security and industry standards.


The client has implemented an extensive dynamic packaging workflow into the platform, which sells single flights and personalized packages, promotes additional services and streamlines both dynamic and automatic up- and cross-selling functionalities. 

The project is ongoing, as Resliv continues to provide tech support to S7, enhancing and amplifying the functionment of its modules and the whole platform.

Scope of Services



Testing and QA




JAX-WS, JAX-RS, JMS, JAXB, JPA Spring (core, boot, data, aop, security, mvc), Apache Service Mix, ActiveMQ, Elasticsearch, Redis.

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