Airline Reservation Module for Cyprus Airways


A flight reservation solution for

B2C passengers

B2B travel agencies

Our project’s highlights

  • Multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Real-time updates for the marketing department, enabling them to adjust marketing campaigns, introduce loyalty programs, and make personalised offers based on customer segmentation 
  • Multiple filtering options

travel engine

The Client

To support the growing tourism sector in the country and provide top-notch user experience, Cyprus Airways’ objective has been to deliver a comprehensive flight reservation solution designed around today’s passengers’ needs. 

Since 2016, Resliv has been working on the PSS of the Cypriot largest airline, including its airline booking module. 

The Challenge

The flight reservation module would provide passengers with tools to manage their reservations, departure control and ancillaries from desktop and mobile applications.

The system would fully manage:

  • Ticket reservation, including real-time data about airline schedules, fare tariffs, ticketing & e-ticketing
  • Ancillary merchandising, such as seat allocation, baggage options, extra travel and third-party services
  • Departure control: online check-in, boarding pass issuance, flight boarding, etc. 

Solution Overview

The client received a full-fledged reservation solution, functioning seamlessly across diverse channels and partners, and featuring:

  • Customer profile creation, management and automated update, collected from a PNR, which allows to distinguish customer value and settle differentiated prioritization for seating, waitlist, etc.
  • Full-scale booking management, covering interline connections with other airlines
  • IATA compliant ticketing and e-ticketing module.
  • Simplified check-in and self-service support, enhancing customer experience at the airport

The module is delivered in line with the IATA NDC Level 4/IATA One Order requirements.


The client has been using the module to optimize distribution via online and offline channels, maximize passenger satisfaction, and deliver best-in-class customer experience. 

The project is ongoing, and Resliv is currently working on the module’s upgrade and enhancement.

Scope of Services



Testing and QA




JAX-WS, JAX-RS, JMS, JAXB, JPA Spring (core, boot, data, aop, security, mvc), Apache Service Mix, ActiveMQ, Elasticsearch, Redis.

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