M-Commerce: 4 reasons why do you need a mobile application for e-retail​​

M-Commerce: 4 reasons why do you need mobile application for retail​

Nov 20, 2020

60% of people consult their smartphones when shopping in-store. 40% – search other products on the internet while they are in-store. And 46% of shoppers consult their smartphones before making a purchase. So what makes mobile applications so popular among shoppers?
Easy access. Shoppers spend no time to get into the store if it is mobile. 
Location tracking & personalized notifications. Once a client subscribes to your brand, you can send them location-based push notifications with personalized discounts 
Faster purchases. Applications are 1.5 times faster when loading data and search results on mobile devices
Tailored content. Utilizing ML technology, you can analyze customer preferences and deliver personalized offers. And they love it since this approach saves their time

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