E-mobility platform development and integration

Sharing Economy

Development of a platform for sharing mobility, including cloud and IoT devices integration, web portal, and mobile application development

Our project’s highlights

  • Integration with AWS IoT platform
  • Back-office development (an assets control system, user management system, integration with accounting software, business rules engine)
  • Integration with outbound API
  • Development of B2C/B focused interfaces

The Client

Whoosh! emerged as a startup in 2018 and has been delivering kick sharing services since then. The client came to us to turn scooters into IoT smart vehicles. Now they are always online and connected to the Cloud Platform, provided to manage and monitor your fleet details, such as their GPS position, status, health and performance rates.

The Challenge

Platform development for whoosh.bike e-scooter sharing was supposed to include integration with IoT cloud (AWS), development of Android and Google apps, admin and maintenance web apps.

Solution Overview

  • To meet our client’s requirements, we developed a system that connects with all vehicles, web, iOS and Android apps and integrates with the cloud IoT platform AWS IoT
  • We also integrated payment system and developed modules protecting a business against fraud and breaches
  • Resliv developed a back-office interface for a call-center and support and protection systems. The last tracks GPS location of a scooter and can turn it off and damage its electronics in case of a theft
  • To broaden the circle of customers, Whoosh! also needed applications with a personal account for service and workshop of the smart scooters
  • Our team of software engineers also provided the client with B2B web solutions for an affiliate partnership network


– Increased Conversion Rate
An extremely  user-friendly 24/7 service allows to register and rent a scooter in seconds.

– Protected business against fraud and theft
Location tracking of scooters within designated areas and their state through sensors, GPS and GSM modem, preventing theft by disabling the engines and blocking batteries and wheels in case of breaking the areas’ limits.

– Provided all the operations with scooter in seamless user experience
A user-friendly mobile application provides all the functions such as booking, a scooter searching, locking, unlocking, paying for the scooter, leaving it away on the parking zones.

Scope of Services



Testing and QA




Java, Spring framework (Boot, Security, Webflow, etc.)

Amazon IoT & Cognito, Lambda, EC2, ELB

AWS (CloudWatch, Prometheus, Grafna, MQ, Dynamo, Elasticache)

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