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Pick6 Football game

Sports gaming

Resliv provided highly proficient QA services to ensure cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility of an application

Our project’s highlights

  • Functional and regression testing 
  • Program verification by checking it against given documents

Regression testing

The Client

Konect Games, a global startup in the field of LIVE sports games betting, turned to Resliv to ensure their platform to be intuitive and user-friendly, cross-platform, cross-browser compatible, and receive testing and QA services.

The Challenge

To stay up-high in the niche of bettings on LIVE sport, the client wanted to be sure that their application works fine on every device their customers can use and that it preserves all the main functions for smooth gaming experience on every platform or browser.

The Game

Konect Games delivered an online Pick6 Football game for making bettings based on a lottery game during football matches. A player first selects a starting minute for the bets, then taps on the white buttons in the center of the display, and fills them in with 5 types of events (a card, foul, corner, throw-in and goal), that will be after each other. One wins by selecting 3, 4, 5, or all 6 events in the correct sequence.

Solution Overview

  • The client needed his platform to be accessible from any browser. To ensure it, we ran several functional tests using different browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox)
  • Since most of the users mainly operate smartphones, we also checked the application on being mobile-friendly for Android and iOS platforms
  • Our specialists also produced manual testing based on documentation to verify the software was working against requirements and without a hitch. This scope of work included: the right selection of time and events, memorizing and maintenance of chosen events, acceptance of a new bet
  • We also performed regression testing to verify the application maintains the same level of workability, once the new feature was developed


In the course of ongoing QA services, we provide our Konect Games with a bug-free cross-browser and cross-platform compatible application for sports gaming.

Scope of Services

Testing and QA

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