Front-end development for Cyprus Airways


Website front-end development for international flights distribution and ancillary merchandising in B2B and B2C sectors

Our project’s highlights

  • Single Page Application 
  • Intuitive and flexible UI based on BEM methodology
  • Multi localization, including Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic & Greek 
  • Responsive cross-browser solution
  • A human-centric attractive layout
  • Scalable website

travel website development

The Client

Cyprus Airways, a flag carrier with a rich history, turned to Resliv company to obtain a new website solution to increase their client’s loyalty rate and credibility. 

The Challenge

The client needed a full-fledged to be scalable booking and ticketing front-end solution with responsive UI, dynamic interface to sell and cross-sell offers to B2C/B customers. 

  • Ticket reservation, including real-time data about airline schedules, fare tariffs, ticketing & e-ticketing
  • Ancillary merchandising, such as seat allocation, baggage options, extra-travel and third-party services
  • Departure control: online check-in, boarding pass issuance, flight boarding, etc. 

Solution Overview

Our team delivered a fully customizable in the form of SPA, based on BEM methodology. It is a cross-browser front-end solution with all functions and capabilities available in the booking platform

Smart search & filtering features. Rich UI with options to choose a start-city and the destination, the type of a flight (one-way, round and multi-city), departure and return days, number and age of passengers.

High scalability. A developed website shows the same workability under the high load when hundreds of consumers concurrently visit the site Passed the load testing, it proved to remain the same fast load time and stable connection with the server.

Back-end API integration. Resliv compiled solutions for fast and simple hotels and transfer booking, car rent. It also integrated payment systems (Paypal, Google/ ApplePay, Kiwi, support of banking processing systems).

Integrated CMS. A scalable website with integrated custom CMS helps manage and add new special offers, blog posts and policies.

Multi-language support. It includes Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic & Greek localizations.

B2B capable. Apart from the B2C market, Cyprus Airways needed a solution for B2C sector. Resliv presented 3 variants of the product depending on the clients’ sector. Solution for travel agencies with a personal profile for each worker with full info on the clients’ journeys. Interface for crew&staff members with different policies, offers and discounts. And the third one is for corporate clients with restricted membership.


In the end, the client got a tailor-made front-end solution by way of the SPA interface with responsive design. The product now comprises a customizable booking flow process and the possibility to manage offers with the help of Resliv’s configuration.

Scope of Services



Testing and QA




HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript (ES6), React.js, Redux.js.

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