Development of an iOS application for S7


A high-end mobile application for ticketing, booking, and managing your flights 

Our project’s highlights:

  • Travel products 
  • Multi-language support
  • Profile management
  • Order on-the-go

native mobile development

The Client

As part of the cooperation between S7, a major Russian privately-owned airline company, and Resliv, our engineers were to develop and support an end-to-end mobile application for the iOS system. The solution was supposed to widen their reach to customers and provide a user-friendly experience with a fast and simple process of planning trips. 

The Challenge

The app should have included all the features of their already developed by our team website.

  • The required list comprised not only a simple set of searching, booking, ticketing, schedule information but also flight cancellation or rescheduling, flexible payment solutions, online check-in.
  • Integrated with third-party suppliers, the app was supposed to provide hotels, transfer search and booking, car rent, and many other services as well. 

Solution Overview

To meet the client’s expectations, Resliv’s team developed a native application integrated with IBE. Working both on backend and frontend, we delivered the following set of solutions:

Search and book processes. Options to apply filters by cities, dates, number of passengers, and their age. The system provides real-time flight details and special offers. The ancillary booking gives customers opportunities to select booking class, seats, type of meal, baggage size, and quantity (including sports equipment), take pets on board. Manage your booking by adding or deleting services in a shopping cart.

Loyalties. Consumers can create a profile and enroll in a priority system, based on IBE, the priority services allow to earn, buy, transfer, donate, and use your bonuses on different ancillary services.

Profile management. As part of the development services, Resliv included an option to log in to a system where customers manage their personal information and orders. Our engineers also integrated scan API to process photos of IDs and memorize data. This solution allows skipping the routine of filling in one’s details and reduces error factor. After authorization, a customer gets an e-card and can add it to Apple Wallet app.

Flexible payment system. The presented solution allows applying Cash & Miles payment methods in full compliance with the PCI DSS standard. If a customer isn’t ready to pay on-the-go, they can just book a flight and postpone payment. The system will memorize filled in info. Our front-end engineers added payment APIs (PayPal, Kiwi, ApplePay, banking processing systems).

Online check-in. Gives the possibility to check-in and get boarding pass online. The passenger will need to visit the baggage drop-off point at the airport. During the check-in process, passengers will be able to select seats, add baggage, buy the insurance, and other ancillary services and products.

AR option. Our engineers developed a tailor-made marker-based solution for estimating the size of baggage. With the app, passengers will be able to know in advance if their cabin baggage fits airline requirements. Otherwise, they will have to pay an excess baggage fee at the airport.

Third-party travel services. Resliv compiled solutions for fast hotels and car rentals. Using S7 applications, customers can plan their trip from A to Z. The page also includes the block with special offers.

Offline guide-book. In addition to integrated supplementary travel products, our engineers developed a page with clouded guide-books for different countries and towns. Travelers can download them and use them offline. The solution ntegrates with apple maps. 

Multi-language. The app supports Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. 


On the whole, Resliv’s team developed and launched an end-to-end iOS application with seamless user experience and intuitive design. It grants S7 customers a full set of instruments for planning and management their flights and trips, starting from searching tickets and ending up with booking transfer and renting a car. 

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